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Edu-tainment with Safari Jeff

As Safari Jeff & Shannon visit the rainforests each year, they return with the sole purpose in educating the masses through their Live Tours.

Join the dynamic Safari Jeff and Shannon as they educate and captivate audiences across North America with their thrilling live show and exhibit that also offers photo op areas and activities.

This compelling educater inspires audiences of all ages to have a deeper appreciation of animals and the environment we all share. This highly entertaining show not only features live animals but a multimedia outlet of large flat screen TV’s, lights, sound, life sized dinosaur bone replicas, huge original artwork and creative props, an elaborate and beautiful full time display for any attraction.

Along with their family of captive born reptiles, this team of naturalists offer a once in a lifetime experience, encouraging an up close and personal opportunity with some of the world’s most exotic animals such as; giant tortoises, crocodiles, snakes, lizards and frogs to mention a few.














Their renowned show has been featured on national television, newspapers, magazines and radio steadily throughout the years and promoted as the key attraction to any venue. The show has achieved outstanding success in venues such as; outdoor theme parks, science centers, fairs, festivals, shopping centers, corporate functions and private functions.

Aside from touring with their live show, the duo writes and publishes a series of bestselling children’s books entitled, “The Great Green Adventure Series”. The combined success of their projects has leaded them to a TV show offer.

Added to their list of attributes, Safari Jeff and Shannon are also wildlife cinematographers. These wildlife enthusiasts have spent the last two decades, touring Central America filming wildlife in their natural habitats. Through a choreographed and beautifully edited DVD they run during their show, the audiences get to share these incredible moments on big screen HD TV’s.

Their gleaming reputation and honest passion for their work has deemed them; the future of wildlife conservation.

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