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Venomous in Vegas

The city of lights! Safari Jeff visits Exotic Pets in this exciting episode where we get introduced to some incredible, rare, and beautiful reptiles and amphibians. Join him on this whirlwind adventure trip to Las Vegas, where you'll see sights, sounds, and venomous creatures.

Swampland Snapping Turtle with Safari Jeff!

Join Safari Jeff in his canoe as he shares some rare moments with a hatchling snapping turtle and a Jefferson salamander. Thanks for subscribing to Safari Jeff TV!

Leaping Lizards with Safari Jeff

Safari Jeff gets in the groove with the boisterous spiny lizards of Southern California. Feel the rhythm of these animated lizards as Jeff observes and photographs them in their hot rocky habitat.

Tiger Salamanders under the Prairie Sky

Join Safari Jeff in his latest adventure, as he marches through mustard fields in search of the ancient Tiger Salamander!

Crocodile Bay

Jamaica bound with Safari Jeff as he explores the incredible American crocodile in his latest episode.

Biophilia: Reptiles In The Wild With Safari Jeff

From the early stages of life, Safari Jeff has been captivated & inspired by the (biophilia) nature experience of Eastern Ontario. Join him as he discovers snakes, salamanders & turtles in their natural habitat and explains their connection to this beautiful landscape.

A Day in the Life

Over the past 27 years of being Safari Jeff, one of the most commonly asked questions he receives is “How do you do this?” In response to all the intrigue, Safari Jeff has created a behind the scenes episode of his life for a day doing shows at the Ontario Centre in Toronto, Canada.


Join Safari Jeff for the highly anticipated release of the next segment on Safari Jeff TV, entitiled 'Crocodilians'. Jeff takes us on an exciting and educational journey discovering his most favourite animals, the crocodilians! Enjoy, and thanks for subscribing!

In the Kitchen: Iguanas

Join Safari Jeff today, on his birthday! He is busy in the kitchen with the lizards, teaching us about proper husbandry techniques and informative tools to keep your pet iguana healthy and happy.

Ancient animals

Join Safari Jeff as he shed's some light into the past. See and learn about some ancient animals, and how they have evolved.

Safari Jeff's Triassic, Dawn of the Reptiles

After touring North America for 20 years, we have created the most interactive and education adventure for our fans everywhere! Be sure to "like" our fan page to stay updated on my tour dates in a city near you!

Intruiging arboreal animals with Safari Jeff.

Join me for this exciting clip featuring some unique animals from the tree tops. You don't want to miss this episode!

Snake husbandry video with Safari Jeff.

Join me as I discuss snake husbandry and valuable tips on keeping a happy and healthy pet snake. Thanks for subscribing!

Safari Jeff - Living Wild

Safari Jeff's Living Wild tour live on location at Deerfoot Mall in Calgary, AB. Just another one of our videos that you don't want to miss!

Safari Jeff - Living Wild - Episode 1

This video highlights some of the features of the Living Wild show with some live coverage and behinds the scenes takes. Join in and be apart of the action

The Adventures of Safari Jeff and Shannon

This short film takes you on a fun adventure with Safari Jeff and Shannon. They travel through the exotic forests in search of reptiles and amphibians.

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