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Safari Jeff provides audiences of all ages with a thrilling professional adventure, discovering amazing reptiles from around the world.  Safari Jeff educates and captivates with his intriguing live reptiles and stunning HD multi media experience.  Guests are treated to memorable moments, as this interactive event offers “hands-on” with amazing reptiles for enthusiasts.  Learn about the ecosystem, balances in nature, roles of wildlife and ancient dinosaur history all in one event.

Travel to exotic destinations through film and music, portrayed on HD flat screen multi media displays while Safari Jeff shares beautiful captive born reptiles with the audience.  Multicultural communities appreciate the show as the footage of native lands and world music emanate from the stage creating a welcoming environment.  Demographical influences include Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Mexico, North American Wetlands and Western Canada.

After his pre-show music subsides, his show begins when the screens come to life taking everyone into their first short adventure as Jeff’s team offers hints on a certain creature they are quietly approaching in the rain forest.  Safari Jeff then appears on stage and reveals that certain animal continuing the conversation keeping the public vigilant and enthralled with his upbeat and exciting information and energy.   In his new event, Jeff interacts further with the audience and receives a few Skype calls from a friend in Australia who the audience instantly adores.

As Jeff speaks the video screens offer further insight and footage of each one of these stunning creatures.   When Jeff has completed his segment he disappears and the adventures continues.  Upon the completion of the entire show Safari Jeff strives to give everyone that up close, ‘hands on’ experience for all by sharing animals after the show.  Bringing them to the audiences level, answering questions, signing autographs, having pictures with the public and providing that interactive close encounter experience that keeps people coming back.

Safari Jeff captivates his audiences through seamless transitions and segway’s, the show flows beautifully with video, animals, music and narration.

Safari Jeff is currently Canada’s most booked attraction in this genre of live entertainment/education and has successfully toured Canada annually for 25 years. Safari Jeff is in front of 500-4000 people a day (male/female 3-93) at Malls, Theme Parks, Corporate Events, Science Centres, Fairs and as guest speaker at the largest reptile and animal conferences.  A media darling, Jeff has been invited to appear on countless national and local print, television and radio shows during his extensive annual touring that sees him in over 200 shows a year from coast to coast.


He began his lifelong ambition at the mere age of 13, with his first show for a local library in Kanata Ontario, his hometown.

The world-renowned herpetologist, Dr. Francis Cook of Ottawa’s Museum of Natural Sciences, mentored Jeff’s love for reptiles and amphibians.  Jeff acted as Director of Education at a CAZA accredited facility, and as an in-field researcher in Central America where he visits once a year through the winter.  These visits also offer him further insight and updated video footage to bring back home and to share his new experiences with his audiences, through his exciting and interactive show.

Safari Jeff has published a series of popular children’s adventure books, which include incredible artwork.  These colorful and educational books have been sold across the country and into the US.  Jeff is an avid nature videographer and has captured a plethora of footage from his annual visits to South America and has utilized his film by incorporating clips in his live show as well as producing his own popular Nature DVD.

Jeff has been on numerous media outlets from throughout the country appearing numerous times on: YTV, Canada AM, City TV, CTV, Shaw, Global, Live Eye, The Pet Guys, Biography Channel, News @ 12, Good Morning Canada, most local Breakfast Shows, Maclean’s Magazine, Magazine Not for Adults, Zamoof Magazine and others.

“Tilley Endurables” continues to sponsor Safari Jeff and is currently working together towards his upcoming endeavors into the US as well as new projects.

You can find Jeff at a variety of fundraising events offering as much as he can to lend support to the organization offering free live shows for many who seek him in person, bringing smiles to those of all ages.

Safari Jeff’s live show would be the ideal program for every theme park, mall, theatre, campus, fair, festival, zoo, science center as he would provide a huge entertainment value to a vast demographic of visitors.

“The fate of most of these amazing creatures lies in our hands and the secret lies in education”. – S. Jeff

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